Mäsokombinát Púchov


Raw smoked meat

Homemade boneless smoked chops

smoked product suitable for cold dishes and delicacies

Homemade smoked tenderloin

premium tenderloin, slightly salted and traditionally smoked

Homemade smoked shoulder muscle

slightly salted and smoked shoulder

Homemade boneless smoked neck

traditionally boneless smoked pork neck

Homemade smoked rolled shoulder

traditional homemade roll with slightly salty taste

Smoked leg outside muscle

pork leg

Homemade boneless smoked knuckle

smoked product with slightly salty taste

Boneless smoked front leg knuckle

Smoked muscle from the pork knuckle

Smoked front leg knuckle with the ...

pork knuckle slightly smoked

Bavarian boneless smoked back leg knuckle

Delicious salted smoked product

Smoked rolled shoulder

traditional roll for direct consumption

Boneless smoked neck

with grated horseradish tastes best

Smoked back leg knuckle with the ...

Traditional salted smoked product

Smoked bones

give the legumes a delicious taste

Smoked ribs

on cabbage and on the grill   ...

Real smoked ham

queen among classic hams