Mäsokombinát Púchov


Long-life salamis and sausages

Púchov edelweiss

Unique taste of two kinds of meat is highlighted by seasonings

Gombasek salami

The taste of garlic gives unmistakable taste to the salami

Borčice sausage

Dry sausage with extraordinary taste of seasonings and two kinds ...

Hercules salami

Strong taste of seasonings and selected meat

Tokaji salami

Salami with the touch of paprika

Pribina salami

traditional Slovak salami with delicious taste

Púchov hot salami

Extraordinary spicy, extraordinary tasty

Nitran salami

Favourite salami with slightly salty taste

Púchov´s Ugrian salami

Another unique taste from Púchov, delicate taste combined with selected seasonings

Bratislava sausage

Thin dry sausage

Baron sausage

Delicate, dry sausage by Baron

Little Carpathians salami

Traditional Slovak dry salami


Carpathian salami

long-life salami of gentle taste


Pizza sausage

not to be missed on pizza