Mäsokombinát Púchov



English bacon

Heat treated bacon and smoked bacon

Orava bacon

Slightly salted smoked bacon

Rindless moulded Orava bacon

Delicacy with wideusage in cold and hot dishes

Paprika jowl

The taste of delicate jowl is highlighted by paprika

Reeve´s bacon

streaky bacon with cumin and garlic taste

Smoked bacon without the skin

slightly smoked bacon without the skin

Smoked grill bacon

The final taste of the bacon will be reached by grilling

Orava pressed bacon

Unique shape and taste is reached by pressing and selected seasonings

Smoked bacon with the skin

slightly smoked bacon with the skin

Real smoked bacon

Queen of Slovak Bacon

Bacon cut

finely smoked pork leg cut info slices   ...