Mäsokombinát Púchov


Frankfurters, sausages

Hand-tied "špekačky"

Grill speciality with balanced taste of three kinds of meat


combination of pork and poultry meat, seasonings and garlic gives ...

Favorit frankfurters

popular with a wide group of customers

Spiš frankfurters - Guaranteed traditional speciality

traditional Slovak speciality with slightly spicy taste

Vienna frankfurters

classical smoked product with light brown colour, the taste is ...


traditional Slovak speciality with slightly salty taste, smoked

Púchov frankfurters

three kinds of meat and seasonings extracts make unique taste ...

Ordinary frankfurters

traditional smoked product with balanced taste combined with seasonings and garlic

Bratislava frankfurters

classical frankfurters with balanced taste and aroma of seasonings

Pork sausage

traditional sausage with wideusage in hot and cold dishes

Ipeľ sausage

strong taste of seasonings gives unique taste to this sausage

Homemade sausage

traditional, strongly seasoned and slightly spicy sausage

Slovak spun sausage

delicate taste of the sausage is combined with selected seasonings

Sausage with cheese

combination of cheese and garlic gives unique taste to this sausage

Prešov kabanos

delicate slim product in combination with the taste of garlic ...
90 %

Old Slovak sausage

sausage with garlic taste is combined with seasonings

Baron frankfurters

gentle product of delicious taste

Real homemade sausage

classic that will not disappoint

Peasant sausage

mildly spicy, for gourmets