Mäsokombinát Púchov

The company is constantly developing and growing. The original production plant has undergone a complete renovation and modernization over the period. The state-of-the-art technology in manufacturing processes, product packaging enables us to meet almost all of our customers' desires.

Our history

Years of experience are growing

The original tradition of production of meat products in Považie began in 1950 in a small production of meat products in Dubnice nad Váhom. The gradual increase in demand for quality meat products in the 70s of the last century was decided to build a new modern state plant in Púchov.

Modern technology in the production process, product packaging enables us to meet almost all of our customers' desires.
labeling and categorization

meat content

type of meat




heat treatment



The legend for each product reveals the type of meat and its percentages, the heat treatment of the meat product and the information on the presence of gluten. Thanks to the icons, you are quick to find our wide range.

Debrecen ham

Premium ham, which is characterized by quality proceeding and taste


Smoked sausage hot

hot taste


Knockwurst like in the past

and without chemistry

Sausage with cheese

combination of cheese and garlic gives unique taste to this sausage

Smoked back leg knuckle with the ...

Traditional salted smoked product


Build and protect Nitran


New products

Šunková klobása na gril
Ham sausage on grill
Group: Grill products Delicious taste, nice mosaic

Proletár z Čingova
Proletarian from Čingov
Group: Products without chemistry


Budovať a brániť Nitran
Build and protect Nitran
Group: Products without chemistry


Sedliacka klobása
Peasant sausage
Group: Mildly spicy, for gourmets

Pravá údená šunka
Real smoked ham
Group: Raw salted smoked meat Queen among classic hams

Pravá domáca klobása
Real homemade sausage
Group: Soft meat products Classic that will not disappoint

Lion šunka
Lion ham
Group: Heat treated hams and cuts best selling ham

Kráľovská kuracia šunka
Royal chicken ham
Group: Heat treated hams and cuts delicate taste of poultry meat   ...
Údené rebrá z boku
Smoked ribs
Group: Raw smoked meat On cabbage and on the grill   ...
Údené kosti
Smoked bones
Group: Raw smoked meat

give the legumes a delicious taste

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