Mäsokombinát Púchov


Hams and cold cuts

Poultry ham

Tenderness and juiciness of ham is added by chicken meat

Chicken breasts ham STANDARD

 the delicious taste of chicken meat is complemented by spices ...

Prague ham

characteristics Traditional high quality ham

Steamed ham standard

Standard taste, aroma, quality

Smoked ham DREAM

 the spicy taste of the ham is softened by smoking

85 %

Steamed ham special

 The technology of the preparation makes this ham juicy, seasonings ...

Debrecen ham

Premium ham, which is characterized by quality proceeding and taste

Prague turkey ham

Traditional ham made from quality turkey meat

80 %

King´s ham

Delicate and juicy ham dedicated to the real gourmands

70 %

Children´s ham

Quality proceeded ham suitable also for kids

Smoked chicken breasts ham

Ham with delicious taste and delicate smoking

Pork ham

The queen among hams, delicate mosaic in cut is completed ...

Pizza cold cut

Delicate cold cut taste is combined with seasonings

Ham cold cut

Classical cold cut in ham form

Debrecen roast meat

Extraordinary taste of heat treated meat

Debrecen turkey meat

Extraordinary taste of heat treated turkey meat

Chicken Debrecen ham

Extraordinary taste of heat treated chicken meat

Burgundy ham

high meat content, slightly smoky   ...

Weekend ham

it taste all week

Royal chicken ham

delicate taste of poultry meat   ...

Lion ham

best selling ham